This is a very beautiful, vintage and very unique B&G DAHL JENSEN ROYAL COPENHAGEN ENGLISH BULLDOG #1676 figurine. The idyllic figurine has a marvelous English pulldog in a fantastic quality. The figurine is richly detailed and gives the dog a wonderful realism. The figurine has a very exquisite and elegant feel to it. It measures 4 " x 3" x 2" . The figurine is in very good condition.

This porcelain Bulldog is such a character, it is hard to stop looking at him! His "snaggle-tooth" grin, "pop" eyes and "droopy" jowls, all combine to give him a look that is both comical and engaging. He was designed by Dahl Jensen for Bing and Grondahl in 1984. He is in excellent condition and stands 3" tall x 4" long x 2 1/4" wide. Anyone who owns and loves Bulldogs deserves to own this charismatic guy!




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