"The King Drinks" Tavern interior scene with peasants . 19th century watercolor after an older painting 16th or 17th century in the style of Jacob Jordaens, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Tennier or Adriaen Brouwer depicting "low-life" peasant themes and every day scenes paintings often show peasants fighting and drinking, was particularly influential on subsequent artists.

Large, unsigned watercolor on paper mounted on cardboard 41cm x 60 cm 

The King Drinks

The King Drinks

Le roi boit


The King Drinks Jacob Jordaens

Jordaens painted several versions of this subject, including one c. 1640 work in the Royal Museum of Art, Brussels. On January 6, Epiphany is celebrated in Flanders. It is a celebration of food, wine and merriment that is shared with family. One person gets to be king for the evening, which as Jordaens thoughtfully depicts as the eldest person in the room. The rest of his subjects are assigned by him. Jordaens also made another version of the painting as there are many paintings on this particular topic.


The-Bean-King-Jacob-Jordaens, 1638



The King Drinks_Large Flemish School Watercolor



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