Ferney Voltaire, France
(Geneva Border Region)

Vue du Meme Chateau du Cote du Jardin

Copperplate Engraving from Baron Zurlauben's topography published around 1780.

Dessine par Brandoin, Dirige par Masquelier - No. 155

The letters A.P.D.R. appear on the print, which means it was engraved "avec privilège du roi" - or licensed by the king - this is an annotation which one sees only on prints published before the French revolution. It indicated the print had been approved by the French censures.

Dimensions: Sheets including margins measure around 204 mm x 263 mm

Condition: Some very light foxing of sheet (small spot in cloud area)

Vue du Chateau de Ferney Voltaire - du Cote du Jardin



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